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A world lecture project – (wlp)° egy videótár.

A (wlp)° a világ minden tájáról összegyűjtött egyetemi videók központi lelőhelye. A videók sok szempont szerint kereshetők, pl. téma, szakterület, ország, nyelv, intézmény, stb.

A legnépszerűbb videó-megosztó oldalak (pl. Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) mellett egyetemi és más intézményi weboldalak tudományos videói is elérhetők a (wlp)°-n keresztül. Mivel a (wlp)° platformján rengeteg forráshoz hozzáférhet, könnyen megtalálhatja az érdeklődési körének megfelelő videókat.

It is our aim to provide video-lectures, -experiments, courses in every spoken language and so we invite you to add videos or to edit the video descriptions. Universities, organisation or institution with video collections may contact us and we can create an interface to migrate their videos metadata.

 (wlp)° is organising global debates

In collaboration with Globalnet21, and other partnering organisations, we are currently initiating international and interdisciplinary debates about actual political themes, new discoveries and tendencies in science and humanities. Other libraries are invited to link their content, organisations and scholars to participate with their expertice, and media to report about the particular theme.

 (wlp)° is a collaborative project

We are not in competition to other e-learning services. Rather we want to generate synergies between them. (wlp)° is expanding permanently and a growing number of partner organisations, universities and institutions are getting involved. We are looking for partners across the globe who contribute in facilitating the exchange of and the access to knowledge for everyone – everywhere. Interested organisations are welcome to collaborate with their own ideas and initiatives.

(wlp)° is collaborating with a number of institutions and organisations like WAYS (World Association for Young Scientists), UPC – University Polit. (Catalunya), Szeged University (Hungary), GlobalNet21, Eurogeo (European Association of Geographers), APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists), FORMIT (Foundation for Technology Migration and Research), PYRN (Permafrost Young Researchers Network), YPARD (Young Professionals in Agriculture Research and Development), and others. Its widespread network will help (wlp)° to extend its scope and to initiate projects that help disseminating scientific information.

 (wlp)° is looking for partners

(wlp)° is looking for partners, interested in establishing (wlp)° themed subsites or satellite offices in their countries. Please contact us, if you are interested in creating a themed site in your field of expertice or if you would like to run (wlp)° in your country!

Our vision is

  • to facilitates the access to knowledge for the general public worldwide, according to people’s needs and interests.

  • to open ano another window on global activities in science and teaching for all citizens to benefit of innovations

  • to prvide students and scientists a tool for for international ind interdisciplinary scientific research, and to allow them to compare different opinions, different perspectives and different approaches concerning specific issues of various scientists from around the globe.

  • to provide scientists and universities an international platform for their videos.

  • to tie national and disciplinary eLearning activities into an international and interdisciplinary network and to improve thereby scientific exchange and collaboration

  • to enhances the transparency of science activities

  • to allow successful methods and best practices to be identified, compared and circulate faster

  • to preserve highly valuable knowledge resources